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Wallet Migration

N-PIK S2k L2

the Security Key Decryption Service

Wallet Migration

N-PIK prioritizes the secure handling of user assets and places a strong emphasis
on demonstrating the solidity of its security measures.
In the event that changes occur in a user's wallet, which is generated and managed by N-PIK,
The S2k L2 (Split Security Key Layer2) System
comes into play to ensure the synchronization
of actual assets on a daily basis.

Here's a breakdown of the operational structure of the S2k L2 system.

The security key issued to users upon N-PIK registration serves as a private key for their N-PIK-generated wallet.
This private key is securely provided in an encrypted format, and users are required to input this security key during the login process.
Upon user input, the security key is temporarily stored in memory, not in the database.
It is within this secure memory space that the S2k L2 system carries out its validation of assets.
It's important to note that the security key held in memory has a predefined validity period of 72 hours.
if to log in within this timeframe, the security key is automatically removed.
This design ensures that the security key is not retained beyond a specific duration.
In instances where the user's security key is not present in memory while the S2k L2 system is under operation, access to the user's wallet is blocked,
effectively preventing the synchronization process.
N-PIK is functioning by briefly accessing the user's wallet via the S2k L2 system, specifically for transparent verification purposes,
thus ensuring a seamless and secure asset management process.

S2K L2 system

Moreover, N-PIK offers a convenient service allowing users to migrate their N-PIK-generated wallet
to a personal wallet, like MetaMask, using a third-party monitoring system.
This service is designed to prepare for potential scenarios such as service discontinuation
or when users opt to discontinue their usage of N-PIK.

The migration process is as follows

  • Start by having the security key received during N-PIK registration at hand.
  • Access the PK Recovery website and input the security key.
  • The security key is then decrypted into a format suitable for transferring to a personal wallet and is made available.
  • Securely save and register this private key in your personal wallet.
  • Confirm the registration of the wallet that was initially created on N-PIK in your personal wallet.
  • By verifying the functionality of your personal wallet you can execute asset transfers and perform other desired operations.

Security key recovery

User Advisory

  • Please put the utmost caution to prevent the leakage or loss of your security key, as neither N-PIK nor the entities providing PK Recovery assume responsibility for incidents arising from a lost security key.
  • It's important to note that the PK Recovery service does not retain any information related to your security key or private key, prioritizing your data's privacy and security.
  • The third-party monitoring system, which is under contract with N-PIK, operates independently and remains accessible regardless of the operational status of N-PIK services.
N-PIK stands as a forward-thinking online casino that employs the aforementioned services
to guarantee the secure storage and verification of your assets.
N-PIK remains committed to implementing a range of initiatives and unwavering strives to establish a transparent and secure
cryptocurrency trading market.

"N-PIK is leading a Paradigm of New Game Market."

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