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Ghost Pick randomly earned by playing a betting game provided by N-PIK.You can collect Ghost Picks and and participate in events to earn various rewards.


Ghost Pick guide

Ghost Pick are points received as a reward for playing N-PIK betting games.

Earned Ghost Pick must be redeemed within a set timeframe (first to last day of the month), and unused Ghost Pick will automatically expire according to the announced expiration date.

  • Prizes are open to multiple entries, and winners will be posted on the monthly winner announcement date.
  • Prizes may be replaced with new prizes each month.
  • The amount and number of Ghost Pick payments are determined by the daily issuance volume.
  • The quantity and number of Ghost Picks paid the previous day are exposed.
  • Among the previous day's payment details, the number shown in parentheses is the number remaining after outstanding.
  • Ghost Pick outstanding amount is included in next day's payment details.

Ghost pick to be paid today

Last Airdrop details


The remaining quantity from the previous day will be included in today is date.

Today Airdrop details

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18+ : Must be at least 18 years old to Sign Up or play on N-PIK. Gambling may have adverse effects if done without moderation.