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N-PIK Launch X3 Event

Up to

x3PIK Token Airdrop Event!!

Don't miss the opportunity

to recover up to 3 times your gambling losses!

Event Period

from May 17, 2024 to May 31, 2024!!!

1. Loss amounts incurred through gameplay during the event period will be paid out in PIK tokens. (Payment will be calculated based on the average price of PIK tokens 10 days before the payment date.)

2. The PIK tokens will be locked-up and paid out in monthly installments.

3. Once compensation of up to three times the lost amount is completed, the locked-up PIK tokens will be vested with the company.

The new PIK token ecosystem, which also includes the [Ex Staking] service, compensates up to three times the lost amount during the X3 Event period. Since this is an event taking place within the initial PIK ecosystem, holding onto the airdropped PIK until it reaches its peak value could provide an opportunity for greater profits. Furthermore, participating in Ex Staking with the airdropped PIK could also provide an opportunity for profits of up to 30 times.
- The initial lock-up amount of PIK will be paid the following month after the end of the event.
- The Lock-up will persist for 24 months and will be unlocked monthly.
- The 10-day average price of PIK is calculated based on the external exchange market rate.
- If the price of PIK is less than $0.1, it will be paid out at a value of $0.1.

Event Participation Stats Your participation information can be found after logging in.

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Current x3 Event Mining Cost

0 USDT | 0 PIK(Based on $0.1)
- The data is reflected based on the daily cumulative loss during the event period.

Expected Earnings from the X3 Event

- The locked-up PIK is internally marked as PIKa (Airdrop). It will be converted to PIK upon withdrawal.
- In N-PIK Trade, only PIKa can be traded.
- Only the amount played with USDT during gameplay will be included in the loss compensation amount. (Not applicable for PLYP, UGX)
Sonic crypto gaming (u) limited
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Approve : Sonic crypto gaming (U) limited is approved by LGRB (Lotteries and gaming Regulatory Board Uganda)

18+ : Must be at least 18 years old to Sign Up or play on N-PIK. Gambling may have adverse effects if done without moderation.